The Spatchcock Effect

Wouldn’t it be great if Jon Ronson did a podcast series about the impact of the internet on the production and popularity of food porn? That’s the only reason for the title. Moving on…

This weekend I visited The King and Co in Clapham, where my friend is doing a guest slot in the kitchen.

Wait. Did you hear that?

Just me?

Listen carefully…

Free Range Jane’s menu at The King and Co

I never thought it would happen
at the King and Co in Clapham
out by the windy common
a lunch I ain’t forgotten.
The pub itself is cosy
So if you’re feeling nosy
I’d pop in for a visit
– that’s not a bad plan is it?

We started with some nibbles
with which I had no quibbles,
but space concerns were central
regarding matters ventral.
Her forte is fried chicken
so that’s what I was pickin’
The burger had aioli –
Delicious, fresh, unholy.

I tried the lemon posset
Although in normal course it’s
a choice I’d be eschewing
(because of babies’ spewing).
I don’t like lemons creamy
But this was pretty dreamy.
While not a posset gal, it
was good to cleanse the palate…


Local businesses that will be feeling the pinch with the increase in self-isolation.

If you are not yet quarantined, it’s a good time to make an extra effort to sustain small companies that will be losing customers.

If you head in to the King and Co, please spend the extra few quid if you can to order some popcorn chicken on the side as a nibble (she also has some cauliflower bites which I wanted to try but did not have capacity for).

If you are still out and about, try to walk the extra few metres to get your coffee from the local not the ubiquitous chains, who can absorb the loss a little easier.

If a comedian you know has had to cancel shows, check if they have a patreon or sell merch.

This is all very preachy and TBD whether I practise it, but it’s something to keep in mind.

And if you are worried about keeping yourself fed in the coming weeks, head for a meal from Free Range Jane and you won’t need another meal for at least 48 hours, which is mighty good value.

A French dip is better than friendship.

Some final thoughts on the food:

  • there were veggie/vegan options which looked actually nice rather than token gestures.
  • I’m not a wing gal but the wings looked NICE – bigger than any I’d seen before. These were some happy and delicious chickens.
  • Do not look at FRJ’s instagram unless you are in a position to eat very shortly after.

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