This is how I do it

Blog posts incoming – I went to shows today and yesterday and will be publishing my thoughts as well as another ramble. Hopefully at least two tonight so I can stay relatively up to date with my internal monologue.

I’ll tidy them a bit but probably won’t otherwise edit, although I will add some clarifications or facts I wanted to subsequently look up.

Because of this, they will probably be an absolute ball-ache to read, for which I offer my humblest apologies (or as humble as one can be in a blog). The reason isn’t some highfalutin belief that the words are more potent or impressive as immediately written, but simply that if I leave them longer, I’ll think that people will expect them to be “better,” or I’ll agonise about how they “should” be, and likely wouldn’t post at all.

So… watch this space, and thank you for reading even though I seem to be actively making it hard for you.

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